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An independent educational consulting firm offering back office, administrative, and accounting support for schools.

We are a group of visionary choice advocates, accountants, analysts, billing-gurus, designers, forward thinkers, backwards thinkers, never-ending learners, former teachers and forever students. Most of all, we’re here to help your school grow, innovate and succeed.

Our Mission

To support innovative and high quality schools.

We will take passionate and compassionate interest in our clients and their success, understand their intentions and help them realize their goals.

We will provide superior, effective, efficient, and timely service that exceeds the expectations of our clients while maintaining the highest levels of service and accountability.

We will support our team mates and employees and provide an enjoyable workplace where open communication and mutual respect is fostered. We will encourage team work, innovation and passion to achieve our mission.

  • Partners are priceless!  Four years ago when I meet Mike and Ryan, it was clear that building a relationship with Charter Choices would lead to success for our school.  Every member of their team offers the highest level of expertise and professionalism.  From the daily back office support to seamless navigation through the auditing process there is not a day that goes by without some level of support.  Being actively engaged with the Department of Education, federal programs, professional organizations, and stakeholders at all levels allows their partner schools to remain on top of financial reporting requirements. Although your school may purchase services from many vendors; none will offer the value-added partnership Charter Choices will bring to your school each day.  It truly is priceless!
    Patricia R. Rossetti
    CEO of Pennsylvania Distance Learning Charter
  • Boys Latin Charter School has counted on Charter Choices to provide clear and accurate advice pertaining to many aspects of operating our school, particularly in the areas of accounting and reporting.  We value the services provided by Charter Choices and certainly consider them an asset to our organization.
    David Hardy
    CEO at Boys Latin of Philadelphia Charter School
  • Our relationship with Charter Choices has been a positive one from the start. Mike Whisman and his staff have given us solid financial advice leading us to be financially sound and charter compliant during renewal.
    Ed Williams
    Board Member at Erie Rise Leadership Academy Charter School

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