Financial Management

Budget Control & Forecasting

We will help you prepare your annual budget in accordance with the Department of Education’s requirement. We will provide oversight and act as an advisory role during initial and ongoing budgeting process. In addition, Charter Choices will manage your school’s budgeting process. This includes the development and updating of budgets and cash forecasts through out the year.

Revenue Application & Collection

Many of the revenue streams available to charter schools require an application be submitted and follow-up is consistent to ensure prompt receipt of funds. We will write any necessary applications and make sure that your school receives all revenues and entitlements for which it is qualified.

Cash Management

We will develop a cash management strategy for the school, including negotiating and structuring working capital loans with lenders. To insure your school’s surplus capital is maximized we can work with your board of school directors to develop an investment plan that will add to your bottom line and help you finance a few extra computers for your students or a new school wing.

Board Training & Reporting

A school is only as strong as its board of directors. Charter Choices will help your trustees understand their responsibilities to the school in board trainings that can be held onsite at your school.

Annual Reports

Good things happen when those in the community are kept “in-the-loop.” Keeping your school’s finances and academic accomplishments transparent to your stakeholders through the creation and distribution of an Annual Report is an efficient way of getting your important information out to your community and can help you keep your community excited, involved, and aware.

We can develop and produce annual reports for your school that facilitate the process of keeping your school open to your community. Your finished reports can be distributed to your school’s charter authorizing agency, your parents, and your alumni to inform them of your accomplishments and your accounts and to keep your community in the know.

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