New School Implementation

Real Estate Consulting

Acting as consultants to your board of directors, we can help arrange and negotiate financing for facility improvements and expansion and ensure that your charter school is housed in an appropriate school facility that is within your program’s operating budget.

Application Authoring & Assistance

We will write, or assist you in writing, a charter application that truly reflects your educational vision. Then we will design, or help you design, a comprehensive financial and business management plan that will provide a solid platform upon which you can keep your school operating year after year.

Planning Grant Development

There are both federal and state grants available to those interested in starting a charter school. Our staff will work with you and your founding team to create grant applications that will secure state or federal funding and fuel your charter school’s start-up.

Start-up Consulting

We will explain the charter school application process to you and your founding team and identify additional charter school related resources that you can trust.

Expansion Planning & Financing

We will develop an expansion plan and either help you manage the expansion process or manage the process for you. This includes recruiting new teachers and students as well as overseeing the facilities acquisition and development process.

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Whether you’re in the beginning stages of starting a school or need help with your current system, we can help.